Marka, a mind, a body, a spirit and human

Still able to open his eyes

After war destroy his city

No command, No set moral


Marka now free

Free as bird that can fly up to the sky

But now Marka does not have any purpose

Any meaning in forgetable world


Wander and wander

From other side of the supermarket to other side of abandoned pool

From other side of burned school to other side of road

He wonder what he want to spend his last breath to it fullest

So he look around to every single angle of city he lives

Maybe he found something to hold


After more than million hour of exploring

He already done about the looking around


Not yet with one place

The tower on the highest skyscrapper

Unlimited Tower

Marka remember a quote,

“A clump of uncountable connected tower that can connect every single of us,”

“On family, on government, even on every angle of life around this world”

“A tower that always connected.”

In the end, no one use it anymore


Since Marka already cover every angle at it’s city,

Marka decided to climb the tower

With Marka’s climbing experience,

He climb to one step above

To other step above

On and on


After some of the times goes

Marka realized

Marka can not recognized his below anymore

Only black cloud like the surrounding of him.

Marka think if

He is already climb too high

Too high that he cannot track which step he pass before

Marka concluded that he cannot make it

To the top

Nor the bottom


Eventually, Marka became exausted with no food and water left

So Marka started to clinging at his position

The cold metal of the tower hit the cold metal from Marka’s arm

But Marka still hold the goal he had

To reach the bottom

To feel safety of closing eyes

So Marka climb down with his arm

One step to other step below


Unfortunately for Marka,

His luck already runs out

So he slipped his step

And reach the bottom immediately

While knowing that before he fall end

Maybe, just maybe

A little glimpse of luck that

the others never ever climb the tower

after seeing his body lies down there

In this Unlimited Tower


From the side of the road

Theme : Ambition

Script : Metaphor

—Alwaan Kamal Faqih—